BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire

BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire

BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire Castle Surveys Limited are one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary surveying practices in the UK. We provide specialist surveying services, BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire.

The building and construction industry is one of the most important sectors in the world. However, the BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire industry has been hampered by huge costs and limited efficiency especially when it concerns technology development. 

To solve this issue, a 3D modeling software was designed to help improve results during structures development. Here is all the information you need on Building Information Modelling and how it works. 

What is Building Information Modelling? 

Building information modeling (BIM)  is a recent development in the construction industry and deals with designing and operating a structure using centralized 3D models rather than different designs.

Building Information Modeling aims to help streamline cost, manage cost and improve building development which includes hospitals, residential houses, and offices. 

When a project is initiated, BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire are needed to ascertain the cost implications and duration needed. 

What are the different levels in BIM? 

Building information has different levels which depend on the building project involved. These building levels represent the various levels of skill of the user. 

Level 0 

This level includes paper-based drawings which are done by a single person. There is no need for collaboration and people at this level use 20 CAD and digital prints. 

Level 1 

At this level, 2D construction drawings and a few 3D works are involved. People at this level use 2D for product information and documentation while 3D is for concept design. Also, the CAD standards of BS 1192:2007 and sharing of CDE are done by a contractor.

Level 2 

This is more collaborative work among partners. It is compulsory for all projects done in the UK and most parts of Europe. All members involved in this project must know how to scan to BIM, use 3D CAD models and data when designing. 

Level 3 

At this level, all partners work with the same 3D model. This level mandates all members of a team to work together more using a shared project model. This level promotes better 3D visualization, easy teamwork, and reduced revisions at all stages. 

Level 4 

This offers new benefits to the project because it saves time. This level helps schedule dates and streamline how much time a project should take before completion. 

Level 5 

This level includes budget analysis, tracking, and cost estimates. When at this level, contractors can easily scan and track the cost implications of their project anytime. 

Level 6 

The benefit of this level is that it helps calculate the energy consumption that a structure requires before it is developed. This helps project owners determine how much cost they need and helps create buildings that are energy efficient. 

Benefits of Building Information Modeling

BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire comes with some benefits which include:

Helps lower carbon emissions during structure development

Many homeowners are more concerned with having a sustainable building that will last a while. Using the 3D model helps provide accurate results which are beneficial to developers. They have accurate information about building materials and total cost which helps reduce wastage. 

Makes communication easier during the project

Communication is important during construction because it helps save time and cost. With BIM everyone involved in the project is coordinated easily via mobile phones and Web applications. 

Cost control

BIM helps avoid unnecessary spending by analyzing and testing for possible errors. You get to examine several models, learn their problems and improve on them before final construction is done. 


BIM Services Cleckheaton Yorkshire are becoming popular these days to help Building owners design great home models. The BIM technology comes with many benefits that everyone can let into to get your project done in time and good design.