Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire

Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire

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What is a measured building survey

Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent YorkshireWhen looking for a precise portrayal of a structure, Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire becomes your best bet to arrive at sure accuracy. It is the meticulous representation of a building’s architectural features and structural elements.

The floor plan is considered to be very essential as it provides an accurate representation of the building because it is supported by the cross-section and elevations provided in the scale survey drawing. 

In addition to measuring the building and structure, the survey also covers the building support position (some of which are windows, handrails, steps, fixed furniture) and the measurement for specific positioning of some elements (such as ventilation, power supply, air conditions, heating) providing accurate information about the entire structure for effective assessment and decision making

Having looked into the general overview of the measure building survey we will observe the following as well:

  • Benefits of measured survey
  • Basic equipment used for a measured survey
  • How much does a measured survey cost?

Benefits of the measured survey

When one is about to run this kind of survey you might be tempted to think it is irrelevant but that is not true. Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire can be an investment rather than just another irrelevant cost to add to the cart. Below are a few of the important benefits you stand to get:

  • It provides accurate information on the building and helps to avoid costly mistakes.
  • It saves time: Based on the accurate information on the building provided, the client can beat deadlines during the restoration process.
  • It saves money: It is very detailed and allows the client to know exactly what is needed to run the project.

Basic equipment used for Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire.

  • Laser measuring device:

Using the Trimble Tx8 laser scanner the width and the length of the structure can be calculated using this device. It has an accuracy of 2 millimeters and can cover a space of about 200 meters-covering both internal and external views of the building. 

  • Tape measure: 

Though the laser is very accurate equipment and covers a large distance, the use of tape measure is also relevant because it is used to measure small areas quickly. 

  • Camera: 

High-resolution and infrared-capable cameras are suitable for obtaining a clear and detailed image of the building. The feature of high wifi can help in the easy transferring of the captured image immediately.

How much does a measured survey cost?

The cost of a measured survey varies depending on various factors. Some of the factors to consider are the size of the project, the level of the measured survey to be carried out, the time frame required by the client for the delivery of the survey. Each project is unique in respect to the client and the nature of the work needed to be done.


A Measured Building Surveyors Norton-on-Derwent Yorkshire is important when considering renovating, expanding, or maybe changing the purpose of a structure. You are sure to spend less as the result of the survey comes with precise and detailed information that allows for the exact purchase of required materials needed. 

You can be sure to save time as well because its precise nature allows time efficiency as all that is needed and the processes to be taken are already known and can be executed instantly.

It is also important to note that a measured survey can sometimes be used to value a building to know its worth.